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For all those students interested in building an international network of thought and resistance, we would like to inform you that we have constituted an International Commission from an assembly of a squatted building against the Bolonia process in the University of Barcelona. The assembly was created from the need to communicate with other student movements. We aim to be a base of support for the European and world wide student movement against our precarious existence that neo-liberalism imposes on our future, and the mercantilization of education locally and globally. We are organized with no hierarchies and are independent from political parties and syndicates. Our objectives are:

- To share and understand the different realities of autonomous and self-managed resistance that students are carrying out across Europe.

- To find the common ground between each movement and attempt to develop a shared critique and alternative.

- To start creating a network of European and International contacts so as to create a Student International centered on the exchange of experiences and the coordination of joint actions.

We invite all those who care for a free and self-organized culture and want to develop this international network with us to contact us via e-mail. We would also prompt you to start developing your own international workgroup so that we can start to establish links between groups and quick effective methods of communication.

In the past few months and weeks the student movements in Spain, Italy and Greece have revolted with demonstrations and occupations, but we cannot do it alone, we must coordinate with each other and with the rest of Europe.

For the insurgence of a new intelligence!


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