dilluns, 22 de febrer de 2010

19th Feb: Occupied Student's Room

Before and after!

A classroom has been liberated in the University of Barcelona's pedagogy campus. The following manifesto has been published by students:

Students have occupied and taken over the running of a classroom in order to teach in a space of learning liberated from the confines of the academic environment.

Various students here want to expose and criticise the state of our university. We're denouncing the imposition of the EHEA as the new mercantile model for education. Our obligation as students of pedagogy, social education, social work, teacher training, psychology and audiovisual communication is to fight in order to gain political and pedagogic processes which guarantee emancipation and self-organisation.

Confronted by institutional violence, the students at Mundet Campus have decided to modify the structure and function of the university by creating a place where students can create, generate and experience new educational methodologies. In this space the student community can exercise critical thought without the interference of the university system and its politics.

The fundamentals of the project are:
- Build up a new education model to aid social change and thus confront the current authoritarian model
- Bring social realities into the faculties
- Create a space in which students from different discliplines can meet
- Work towards a critical university open to its social context, rather than a corporate tool

More education (including the manifesto in its original Catalan) can be found here

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