dijous, 30 d’abril de 2009

29th April: Students Occupy Education Ministry

Following a demonstration through the city, students took direct action against the education ministry. At 2pm a group of college students entered the government building, passing by the security measures in the entrance. They arrived at the 5th floor, home of the of the education minister, Ernest Maragall, and demanded to see him, but he was unavailable for comment. They then hung a banner reading “Colleges against mercantilisation and for the public”

Students hold an assembly in the offices

At 3pm some students tried to enter with food for their companions. Upon being denied entrance they linked up and ran at the line of police, trying to force their way in. The police response was to charge, beating the students with truncheons. At 3.45pm a group of riot police arrived at the scene to proceed with an eviction. Once the riot police were in the building, the press were not allowed to enter (this is common practice in evictions and ensures police impunity for the torture that often occurs inside and off camera). The students were identified and taken outside, to be met with cheers from the assembled crowd.

Police handling the minors

The action took place at the same time that unionised teachers from all over the Catalan territories rallied outside council buildings and the education consortium.

As well as protesting against the entrance of police into their colleges last week, these actions are in opposition to the Catalan Education Law (LEC), a brief description of which can be read here.

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