dissabte, 23 de maig de 2009

22nd May: Alternative University

This week the University of Barcelona's Raval Campus has held an alternative university, the initials of which in Catalan spell ULL (which also means "look!").

ULL was set up as a student-organised university, "we decide what we want to learn and when". Furthermore, the creation of a space for thought in the university is a response to the creation of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area), that is to say: the submission of knowledge and learning to capitalist logic. The students "are taking the university onto the street and the street into the university".

The programme of events included:
- Chat-debates on the fragmentation of knowledge
- The showing of a documentary in construction about the student movement
- A stand-up lesson on mythology
- Chats about the student movements in France, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina
The week of events ended with a party to raise funds to pay the movement's legal fees.

Posters and graffiti all over campus publicised the event: on the programme the slogan reads "Close your eyes and look"

Raval campus has been recently redecorated by various student groups. This reads:
"In their democracy there are only 2 kinds of consensus:
The consensus of silence
and that of repression"
The poor person on the right is being fed timetables, punctuality, control and manipulation.

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