divendres, 22 de maig de 2009

21st May: Professors and Admin. Personnel Protest

Against the application of the Bologna Process, the entire university community is organising and acting. A rally of "PDI-PAS" (teaching and investigative personnel and administration and services personnel) took place today at 7.30pm outside the Catalan parliament.

Around 200 participants gathered outside the building to give a letter to the Catalan president, José Montilla. The letter asks Montilla to hold dialogue with PDI-PAS regarding the Bologna Process reforms to the university. The letter complains that the new laws have been introduced without discussion with those that will be effected and will lead to a university which creates "workers who are experts at silence, dependent, adecuate to the laws of the market". They also handed in ten petitions against the Bologna Process together with thousands of signatures procured from around Spain.

>>See the original of the letter on the website for the PDI-PAS assembly (in Catalan)<<

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