dijous, 21 de maig de 2009

14th May: Occupation Ends in Vandalised Bank

The on-campus bank which was decorated, whilst it was being cleaned

An occupation of the library in the Mundet campus of the University of Barcelona (which hosts the pedagogy, psychology and teacher-training departments) has taken place from Tuesday 12th May till Friday 15th May.

A group of 20 occupied the campus library as a continuation of the action held the previous week (and holding the same demands). The first night the students slept under the vigilance of 8 sub-contracted security guards. Attempts to hold dialogue with the vice-president over the three days proved fruitless, as she would only say, “this is a library, it closes at 8pm and therefore no one can stay here. No mattresses can enter, neither can you sleep, eat, smoke or drink.”

During the occupation the library was decorated and a branch of Santander bank inside the campus was vandalised with red paint and slogans criticising its presence in an educational institution. Following these events the students decided to leave to avoid recriminations.

"The chains of their legality will not stop the creation of a different social conscience"

"We are no-one.
We are alone and so alone with our dignity and our rage.
We have seen and heard.
Our voice is small on account of being the echo of this word, our sights are short for so much and such dignified rage. We are others, something else.
If this world has no place for us, then another world will have to be made.
We need to meet more, to get to know each other.
What's needed is that which is missing."

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