dijous, 21 de maig de 2009

5th May: Mundet Redecoration

News from the University of Barcelona's Mundet Campus:

A 30-person rally took place at the deacon's office on demanding (amongst other things):

  • A moratorium on the implementation of Bologna-style degrees in the next academic year

  • That the administration pay the legal fees of all those charged in the 18th March occupation eviction, and the following confrontations with police

  • That the administration assume responsibility for the eviction of the student occupation and the consequent confrontations with police

This meeting resulting in two hours of sterile dialogue, following which the group left the office and redecorated their campus.


From a poem by Eduardo Galeano:
"Politicians speak but don't say anything
Voters vote but don't choose anything
The media disinforms
Centres of learning teach ignorance
Judges condemn victims
Soldiers are at war against their own countrymen
The police don't fight crimes, because they're too busy committing them
Bankruptcies are socialised, profits are privatised
Money is freer than people
People are at the service of things"

A translated quote from "Know Your Rights" by the clash:
"You have the right to free speech / As long as your not dumb enough to actually try it"
and the slogan of the 26th March demonstration, "Bologna is being imposed with beatings"

The slogan of the anti-repression campaign "58 and more besides"

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