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18th May: "58 and more besides"

Today we can confirm that the 53 people evicted from the student occupation have been charged with “desobediència a l'autoritat” (breach of the peace) for resisting eviction. The figure of 53 can be added to that of the 5 people detained and more than 200 injured by police violence on the day of the eviction. "58 i +" (58 and more besides).

Therefore, the Barcelona Student Movement has acted today against the person they hold responsible, the university president Dídac Ramírez, who ordered the eviction to take place.

Marking the two month anniversary of the eviction (and another “18-M”) a group from the Barcelona Student Movement entered the historical building and tried to enter the president's office in order to discuss his actions with him. Unfortunately, the rector locked himself in his office, refusing to face up to the bruised, charged and indignant consequences of his shameful action. Therefore the group posted a mural of photos from 18th March outside of his door.

Some of the images posted outside

"Didi"'s door

Following this action, most of the group left the building and created a giant mural spelling out “58 i +” on the pavement outside. Meanwhile, other members hung explicative banners from the building's windows with chains. Also visible was the same logo graffitied in red on the road, the result of an action the night before that ended in more police charges. The students then remained outside, leafletting students and passers-by.

One of the two posters hung from the building:
"1 imposition +
3 demands +
0 dialogue =
58 and more besides... Moratorium now!"

The mural outside the front doors

Graffiti on the road outside, the slogan reads:
"We disobey their authority, on the street and in the university"

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